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Divorce & Marriage Support

U.S. Department of Justice
Dispute Resolution: ADA Mediation Program.
 - Domestic Violence: Office on Violence Against Women.
 - Domestic and Family Violence Information Resources.
 - Help for Victims, Stalking Information Resources.

Social Security Administration - Marriage, Divorce, Name/Address Change.
 - Changing your name on your Social Security card.
 - How divorce affects your future retirement benefits.
 - How divorce affects survivors benefits.
 - How marriage may affect your adult disabled child benefits.
 ^ Title IV-D -
Part D, Child Support and Establishment of Paternity.
     - Federal Parent Locator Service. Support Obligations. Civil Actions to Enforce Support.

U.S. Department of Labor - Wage garnishment ... child support.
Employment Law Guide Chapter: Wage Garnishment:
 - Who Is Covered, Basic Provisions/Requirements, Employee Rights,
    Compliance Assistance Available, Penalties/Sanctions, Relation to State, Local, Federal Laws.

Federal Judicial Center - Education/Research Agency for the Federal Courts.
Supreme Court of the United States - Court Rules, Opinions, Public Information.

Legislative Information
The Library of Congress (Bills)
Search Bill Text:  "divorce"   - Child Support Enforcement Act of 2005.
 - To amend title II of the Social Security Act to eliminate the two-year waiting period for
    divorced spouse's benefits following the divorce.
 - Expressing the sense of the Congress that joint custody laws for fit parents should be passed
    by each State, so that more children are raised with the benefits of having a father and...

United States Code - Search: Office of the Law Revision Counsel.

Section 659a. International Support Enforcement - Procedures for the establishment and
  enforcement of duties of support owed to obligees who are residents of the United States.

Section 228. Failure to Pay Legal Child Support Obligations - Travels in interstate or foreign
  commerce with the intent to evade a support obligation, if such obligation has remained ...

National Child Support Enforcement Association - Voice for the Child Support Community.
Nonprofit, organization representing the child support community - mission is to promote the
well-being of children through professional development of its membership, advocacy...

Legal Services Corporation - Find Legal Assistance.
Distributes $303.8 million in grants in 2007 to 138 programs with 900 offices that provide civil
legal aid to low-income Americans in all 50 states, the District of Columbia and U.S. territories.

Judicial Family Institute - National Organization.
Dedicated to informing and offering support to judicial families.

Military Defense Finance & Accounting Service - Garnishment
DFAS Cleveland processes all court ordered garnishment for child support,
alimony and commercial debts for all military members and all civilian employees.


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