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Divorce & Marriage Support

Administration For Children & Families - Adoption/Child Abuse/Child Care/Child Support.
Children's Bureau - Provides for the safety, permanency and well being of children.
 - Enforcement of Support - Essentials for Attorneys in Child Support Enforcement.
Evaluation of Child Support Guidelines - State Guideline Reviews, State Guideline Studies.
Handbook on Child Support Enforcement - Federal & State partnership to collect support.
Federal Office of Child Support Enforcement - Federal Parent Locator Svc, Federal Registry.
 - Web-Based Program for Healthy Marriages Grants - Group instruction, Instructor training.
 - Guide For Qualified Medical Child Support Orders - Extend health care coverage to children.
 - Federal Parent Locator - S
upport the location of participants in child support cases...states.

Health and Human Services - Families & Children: Child Support, Child Abuse, Adoption
 - Investment Program on Marriage and Divorce - Long-Term Effects...Among Families.
 - Effects of Marriage on Family Economic Well-Being - T
he economic returns to marriage.

 - Effects of Parental Incarceration on Young Children - The Impact of Incarceration on Children.

Promoting Responsible Fatherhood Federal Resource -
Support & Strengthen Roles.
 - What Fathers and Mothers Say About Child Support -
Prepared for the Parents’ Fair Share.
 - Non-Custodial  Participation in Their Children's Lives - Income & Program Participation.
 - Involving Non-Resident Fathers In Children's Learning -
The Role of Non-Resident Fathers.

 - Involving Non-Resident Fathers In Children’s Learning - A Fathers Matter Report.

Center / Disease Control Prevention - Search on their site for "divorce" information.
 - Marriage and Divorce Statistics - Provisional Data for 2002

National Guideline Clearinghouse - Helping Children & Families Deal with Divorce & Separation.

Go To » Major Recommendations:
 - Be alert to warning signs of dysfunctional marriage and impending separation.
 - Always be the child's advocate, offering support and age-appropriate advice to the child and
    parents regarding reactions to divorce, guilt, anger, sadness, perceived loss of love.
 - Try to maintain positive relationships with both parents rather than taking sides. If there is
    evidence of an abusive situation, referral to child protective services is indicated.
 - Encourage open discussion about separation and divorce with and between parents,
    emphasizing ways to deal w/ children's reactions/identifying appropriate reading materials.
 - Refer families to mental health resources with expertise in divorce if necessary.

National Healthy Marriage Resource Center - National resource/clearinghouse for information
and research relating to healthy marriages.  Marriage and family trends, statistics, education.

Child Welfare Information Gateway - Protecting Children, Strengthening Families.

Section I - Fathers and Their Impact on Children's Well-Being, Effective Fathering,
  Fathers and Their Impact on Child Maltreatment, Fathers and Case Planning,
  Fathers and Initial Assessment and Investigation, Services for Fathers.
Section II - Fatherhood Programs, Federal Fatherhood Initiatives.
Appendix A - Glossary of Terms, Appendix E - Tips for Dads, Appendix F - Healthy Marriages.


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