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Hawaii Divorce Laws

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Attorney Directory

Divorce & Marriage Support

Hawaii Home Page
Child & Family Services, Child Care, Missing Children,
Family Health, Parenting, Marriage/Family Therapists, Child Protection.

Hawaii Judicial Branch
Go To » Courts » Family Court: Divorce, Child Support, Court Forms, Paternity,
 Family Court Protective Order, Restraining Orders, Abuse, Domestic Violence, Court Fees.
 Divorce: Mediation is an effective way to resolve disputes without having the court decide.
 Divorce Forms: Uncontested Divorce Without Children, Uncontested Divorce With Children.

Child Support Guidelines - Instructions
  - Child Support Guidelines Calculations Worksheet, Table of Net Incomes,
  - Worksheet for Joint Custody/Extensive Visitation, Exceptional Circumstance Form.

Divorce Law in Hawai`i - Family Court of the First Circuit.
Informational program, assisting the public in understanding the state's divorce laws.
The free sessions include an overview of custody, visitation, child support, property division,
alimony and other issues related to divorce, including mediation. Attendees learn where to
get more information on divorce law, how the legal process works, how to file for divorce and
where to get the required forms. Family law attorney William C. Darrah presents the programs.

Hawaii Child Support Enforcement Agency - Department of the Attorney General
OSEA Mission Statement: Promote the well-being of children & the self-sufficiency of families.
Child Support Payment Options, Services, Payment Processing, Information for Employers.
Frequently Asked Questions: Locate, Paternity, Enforcement of Support Order, Interstate.

ABCs of Child Support, Child Support Calculation Guidelines.

Office of Child Support Hearings
Department of the Attorney General
Establishment of a Child Support Obligation, Modification of a Child Support Obligation,
Termination of a Child Support Obligation, Enforcement of a Support Obligation, Medical
Insurance Coverage, Paternity, Temporary Aid to Needy Families (TANF) and Child Support.

OCSH has no jurisdiction to issue orders regarding visitation, custody or property division.
However, when the only issue to be resolved is child support, the administrative process
offers a less formal alternative to potentially lengthy and costly court proceedings.

Hawaii Department of Health
Vital Records - Birth, Death, Marriage Licenses, Divorce Certificates.

Administration for Children and Families - U.S. Department of Health
> States' Profile of Child Support - Office of Child Support  Enforcement
    General/State-At-A-Glance, Interstate Family Support Act, With what foreign countries
    does your State reciprocate? Age of Majority, Statute of Limitations, Support Details,
    Income Withholding, Paternity, Support Order Establishment, Support Modification & Review.



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