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Ohio Divorce Laws

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Divorce & Marriage Support

Ohio Home Page
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» Resident » Family Milestones: Birth Certificates, Name Change, Death Certificates,
  Divorce Abstracts, Marriage Abstracts, Ohio County Clerks of Courts, Ohio Probate Courts.

Supreme Court of Ohio
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» Law Library & Legal Resources » Ohio Revised Code:

  Anderson's Ohio OnLine Documents
Go To » Title XXXI Domestic Relations - Children: Calculation of Child Support,
  Health Insurance, Neglect, Marriage, Husband and Wife, Divorce, Annulment, Alimony.

  Chapter 3109 Children » 3109.04. Parental rights/responsibilities; shared parenting.
  If both parents jointly make the request in their pleadings or jointly file the motion and
  also  jointly file the plan, the court shall review the parents' plan to determine if it is in the
  best interest of the children. If the court determines that the plan is in the best interest of
  the children, the court shall approve it.

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» Ohio Courts & Court Services: Dispute Resolution Programs: Mediation: Purpose,
  Local Rule Guide, Advisory Committee on Dispute Resolution, Frequently Asked Questions.
  Family Court Mediation Services - Mediation and the Family Court, Child Protection Mediation.

Ohio Judicial Conference - Court Listing
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» Resources » Citizens Guide » Brochures: Legal Terminology, Representing Yourself.
Go To » OJC Publications » Brochures: Child Support, Mediation, Single Parent, Legal System.

Ohio Department of Job and Family Services Online
Go To » Families » Child Support: What is Child Support, Payment Status,
  Case Establishment Questions, Enforcement Questions, Child Support Guidelines Questions,
  Interstate Situations. How to Make Payments, Status of Payments, Glossary.

Go To » Rights & Responsibilities of Child Support Participants - Parents and Grandparents.

Go To » Health Insurance through a Child Support Order - When Employer Provide Medical.

Go To » Child Support » Office of Child Support » Reports & Publications » Publications:
  Child Support Brochures: Interstate Child Support, Medical Support, Program Guide.

ChildSupportSoftware.com - Hamilton County Child Support Worksheet.

Ohio Commission on Dispute Resolution and Conflict Management
Dispute Resolution & Conflict Management
- Divorce, Separation, Telling Your Child?

Administration for Children and Families - U.S. Department of Health
> States' Profile of Child Support - Office of Child Support  Enforcement
    General/State-At-A-Glance, Interstate Family Support Act, With what foreign countries
    does your State reciprocate? Age of Majority, Statute of Limitations, Support Details,
    Income Withholding, Paternity, Support Order Establishment, Support Modification & Review.


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