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Wyoming Divorce Laws

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Divorce & Marriage Support

Wyoming Home Page
Law Library, Family Services, Health Care, Education, Parenting, Colleges,
Universities, Kids Page, Tourism, Recreation, Locate a Government Office & Service.

Wyoming Judicial Branch
Go To » Self Help Center » Divorce and Child Support Pro Se:
   Divorce with No Children - Plaintiff, Divorce with No Children - Defendant,
   Divorce with Children - Plaintiff, Divorce with Children - Defendant,
   Child Support and Modification, Child Custody and Modification.

Go To » Law Library: Legal Research Guides, WY Statutes & Quick Index, WY Municipal Codes,
   WY Supreme Court Cases, WY Court Rules, WY Judiciary, State of Wyoming, WY Admin. Rules.

Wyoming State Legislature
Go To » State Statutes & Constitution » Wyoming Statutes Annotated: (LexisNexis)

» Title 14 Children:
      Chapter 1: Emancipation of Minors - Age of Majority; Rights on Emancipation.
      Chapter 2 Paternity Actions, Termination of Parental Rights, Child Protective Services.

  » Title 20 Domestic Relations:
     Chapter 1 Husband and Wife,  Chapter 2 Dissolution of Marriage
     Chapter 3 Desertion of Spouse/Children,  Chapter 4 Uniform Interstate Family Support Act,
     Chapter 5 Child Custody,  Chapter 6 Child Support Enforcement,  Chapter 7 Visitation Rights.

» Title 35 Public Health & Safety:
Chapter 21 - Domestic Violence Protection: Petition for Order of Protection, Setting Hearing.
      Chapter 1 Article 4 - Vital Records: Name of Father on Birth Certificate, Assuming Custody.

House Bill No. 0101
Enacted by the Legislature, BILL NO. 010
Child Support Enforcement, Custody & Visitation, Jurisdiction for enforcement & modification.

Department of Family Services
Child Support Enforcement, Adoption, Child Abuse, Adult Protective Services,
Child Care, Juvenile Services, Family Treatment Courts, Financial Services, Foster Care.

Wyoming Child Support Information
Go To » Programs and Services: Child Support Enforcement
» Guide to Wyoming's Child Support Enforcement Program » Table of Contents:
       Rights and Responsibilities of Child Support, Getting Child Support, Paying Child Support,
       IRS Tax Refund Intercept, Child Support Services: Eligibility, Applying for Services, Fees.

Administration for Children and Families - U.S. Department of Health
> States' Profile of Child Support - Office of Child Support  Enforcement
    General/State-At-A-Glance, Interstate Family Support Act, With what foreign countries
    does your State reciprocate? Age of Majority, Statute of Limitations, Support Details,
    Income Withholding, Paternity, Support Order Establishment, Support Modification & Review.


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